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Thu, 06/10/2021 - 5:00pm

To the Editor,
Thank you for your article about RIAC in the June 5, 2021 edition.
RIAC has a net operating income of over $20,000,000 and a net worth of over $350,000,000. They are a public agency charged with operating all Rhode Island airports – and they do quite well financially despite the insignificant operating deficits at the small airports. The lack of information from RIAC is lamentable, though perhaps not surprising.
Many islanders attended a RIAC “listening session” on January 5. At that public meeting, and in written follow up, I asked RIAC these questions:
1. Would RIAC ask for additional community input on proposed leases for new uses at Block Island Airport?
2. Why does RIAC allow HeliBlock to operate from the airport without a lease?

3. How is the “income” of the airport calculated, and what is the breakdown of in-state and out-of-state users of the airport?
4. Are the landing fees paid by New England Airlines allocated to Westerly or to Block Island, and how much are those fees annually?
5. Why has RIAC never done a noise study at Block Island Airport?
6. Has RIAC considered higher landing fees for turboprops and other aircraft to compensate for their environmental costs?
It has been more than six months, and I have not received a reply. No answers are posted on the RIAC website.
And if you look for minutes of the January 5 meeting about our airport... you are given minutes of a meeting about Westerly Airport!

Very truly yours,
William A. Wilson III
Cooneymus Road