No good solutions

Thu, 10/28/2021 - 4:15pm

To the Editor,

I was shocked when I read Stephen Hester’s description of the October 5 three-hour long Deer Task Force work session. As a nurse practitioner and nursing faculty, I’d “expressed my displeasure” with the idea that homeopathy was a solution for Block Island’s significant deer problem. Homeopathy surely has its place, but not in the elimination of our serious deer problem.
Mr. Hester’s portrayal of me being an advocate of bringing in sharp shooters was also incorrect. I’d come to the meeting fully supporting the expansion of traditional hunting on Block Island, despite my personal distaste for hunting. The Task Force was unanimous in supporting the expansion of the number of days of hunting and providing support to hunters.
It was a productive meeting of a task force that is serving the town by taking on a very difficult health issue on Block Island. Perhaps a better tack might have been to have covered the work we are accomplishing rather than focusing on – or perhaps creating – unnecessary drama. Drama may sell papers, but it doesn’t help solve Block Island’s decades-long deer problem.
Sue Hagedorn, RN, PhD
Southeast Road