The Oar gets an A-plus rating from the state

How it’s handling safety of its guests
Fri, 07/24/2020 - 11:15am

Shout out to The Oar: It’s doing everything right in the age of Covid-19.

According to Manager George Venezia, The Oar has been inspected a total of four times — the first time the venue received a 99.9 rating — but the last time they aced it.

A text from the state inspector’s office stated: “The Oar is the top example of how a business should handle Covid.”

Venezia said that the inspections occur “at night when we are busy, which is how it should be.”

How serious is The Oar about keeping its guests safe? The inside bar was completely ripped out and replaced by tables. There is also an outside tent where each guest will be greeted and informed about the rules while eating at the restaurant.

During a visit on the morning of Friday, July 24, the crew was busy cleaning tables, scrubbing railings, putting up signs, getting out menus. Each table has a sign that says patrons must wear a mask and follow health and safety rules or they will be asked to leave. The tables are all set eight feet apart, inside and out.

Venezia said that 95 percent of patrons comply with their rules, but there is the five percent who don’t. Venezia said the regulations are not up for debate. “You’ll be asked to leave if you refuse to follow our safety requirements,” he said.

It’s paying off. Venezia said this year many of The Oar’s guests keep returning multiple times.

“We want to provide a safe place for families to come to want to eat,” said Venezia.