Oil spill at school shuts down playground

Thu, 03/21/2019 - 5:15pm

An oil spill at the Block Island School shut down the school’s playground for a couple of days but did not pose any health hazards to students, according to Supt. Mike Convery.

The spill was noticed early Monday morning. Oil was spilling out of a vent pipe onto the side of the building. An oil delivery person immediately notified the school’s janitor, and Convery said that Facilities Manager Sam Bird was quickly on the scene. A cleanup company was brought to dig up and absorb oil that had seeped into the ground. Convery said that while students were not able to use the playground, he said he inquired several times if there was any need to shut down school, but he said that because of the chilly weather all school windows were closed and any fumes or smell were not noticeable inside the building.

Convery said a contractor was headed to the island on Thursday, March 21 to determine the exact cause of the spill.