Order this... Award-winning chowder from Winfield’s

Fri, 06/23/2017 - 11:30am

This article could be titled “Southern Boy Makes Yankee Chowder and Wins Top Prize Two Years in a Row.” The “southern boy” is Winfield’s (and also Los Gatitos) executive chef Berke Marye, who’s originally from Texas. The wins were from the Block Island Maritime Institute’s annual “Chowda’ Cook-off” held each Memorial Day Weekend. 

Winfield’s Seafood Chowder is a whole story in itself. Listed on the menu as an appetizer, this rich chowder is full of everything good — clams, shrimp, lobster, mussels, smoked bacon, grilled corn, and potatoes — with a cream base touched with a blend of Southern spices. It’s the best! Each bite is brimming with aroma, flavor and texture. For some guests, just adding a fresh salad and a good wine makes it a full meal.

Notable is that Winfield’s has a large number of hungry followers who return season after season. This year the Snapper with Coconut Cream Sauce, the Smoked/Braised Beef Brisket and the ever popular Duck Confit are the top choices. But as Berke said, “Still many people look for the same foods — their favorites — every year.” Shawn’s Chocolate Crème Brulee is a perfect finish. 

With few exceptions, Berke’s kitchen crew comes back to Winfield’s every year, too. After working together for so long, he “trusts them, relies on them.” He gives them full credit for Winfield’s success. In the photo, top row from left to right, that’s Berke, Angus Gracey. Middle row: Byron Marin, Shawn Cosgrove. Bottom: T. C. Octigan, Hector de Paz. Joshua Diaz is not pictured.

On Monday evenings from 9 to 11 p.m. there’s light jazz in the lounge. Cameron Greenlee is on the piano, Bill Sellar on the drums and, when the kitchen slows down, Berke adds his guitar. 

For more information, please visit winfieldsbi.com or call 466-5856. — Becky Ballard and Ruth Perfido