Order this... the most wonderful food at Kimberly’s

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 6:30pm

Kimberly’s menu is one of the few on the island where there really is something for every taste.  Kids will be happy with the chicken and pasta dishes. The White Fish Plain and Simple is a nice clean fish dish for those who want their food delicious but unadorned. Seafood and meat dishes are prepared in traditional fashion and also with various culinary ethnic derivations. The chefs prepared two of these for us, a seafood dish and a steak entree that add a little pizzazz to the usual “steak and potatoes” and “shrimp and rice” recipes.

The Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp was bursting with fresh crunchy vegetables, plump shrimp and creamy rice. The curry sauce was sweet and spicy, nicely tempered by the generous pillow of rice infused with coconut milk. Snappy pea pods added a great texture and I loved the slivers of scallions, adding a quick bite of acid to each bite. Southwest Coffee Rubbed New York Sirloin comes with roasted new potatoes and a fresh veggie medley. The rich coffee rub on the steak is strong enough to stand up to the bright Chimichurri aioli that gives the steak it’s southwest seasoning and we both loved the roasted tomatoes with blistered skin that pulls away from the juicy sweet globs of savory goodness inside. No steak knife was needed to cut the seared piece of meat and we agreed that the combination of tastes made this a must-get on the menu.

What everyone else is eating/drinking:

Peter and Mary of Block Island and Boston come to Kimberly’s because “the food is great, the ambiance is friendly and Kimberly always makes us feel welcome.” Peter usually gets the Whitefish Plain and Simple while Mary loves the Steak au poivre. They’ve been coming to Block Island for about 50 years now and come out to Kimberly’s during the off-season about four to five times each visit. Peter pronounces the place “the best value restaurant on Block Island” and Mary echoes a resounding, “Yes, it certainly is.” At the bar, Steve from Block Island and Cindy from New York both had the prime rib and said it was “delicious.” 

Cindy adds, “Kimberly’s knows how to do food and run a business really well.” Steve chimes in with “The food here is always great, I’ve never once been disappointed and always get a good meal.” Peggy from Block Island was a few seats down, enjoying a “wonderful Manhattan” and also eating the prime rib, half of which she’ll take home for lunch or dinner the next day. When it’s not Sunday, Peggy likes the shrimp dishes and the Whitefish Plain and Simple. “It’s always consistently good here and last week someone at our dinner table said ‘This place is like Cheers — we know everyone else at all these tables.’” Another table away, Mark, Lynn, Janet, and Cliff, all from the island, enjoyed Sesame Salmon and the aforementioned prime rib, with Cliff putting in an extra note that the “calamari here is really good.” They felt the food is always great, the atmosphere “comfortable and friendly” and noted that the “service is good and the ambiance is cozy, like home.” 

“We’re big fans of Kimberly’s, the place and the person,” said Mark, and all nodded in agreement. Roberta and Alan of Block Island and Somers, N.Y. were dining with Jennifer and Elliot and David, all from Block Island. Jennifer had the “last prime rib” which was “wonderful,” Roberta and Alan had caramelized scallops that were “very very good”, and Elliot had an “excellent” carrot bisque soup and said he thought the flavors were “interesting and savory.” David thoroughly enjoyed the Chicken Parmesan, which he boomed was “absolutely fabulous” because it was “hot and spicy, just like our server.” (Gabrielle, who hooted with laughter at his comment.) David added that “Kimberly is wonderful with our local food pantry and this place is the most wonderful ever, period.” “It’s very down-to-earth good food” adds Roberta, “it’s home-cooked but we all eat here and it’s like Sunday Dinner with your family.” Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name… and on Block Island, that place is Kimberly’s.