Order this... A sumptuous burger at Eli’s

Fri, 09/11/2015 - 8:00am

A few days ago at Eli’s Restaurant, executive chef Evan Wargo served the most sumptuous hamburger and fries imaginable. To say it was better than your average burger is like comparing a Harley to a tricycle. Filled with all sorts of flavors and textures, this burger rose up, up from the plate. “It’s almost as high as the wine glass” said Brad Marthens, Jr.

The 8-ounce burger itself is made of ground chuck, brisket and short ribs, with the added touch of Montreal steak seasoning. Next comes a marmalade of chorizo and caramelized onion. The third layer is 10 ounces of lobster chunks which have been gently poached in a seasoned broth. Slices of heirloom tomatoes and Bibb lettuce from the local Hillandale Farm top the lobster, followed by a savory aioli sauce made with chopped truffles, capers, sweet gherkins, garlic and mustard. All of this is nestled in a large, toasted brioche bun.

But that’s not all. Eli’s big, hand cut, “triple cooked” fries are artfully arranged on the plate, too. (Ask Evan what “triple cooked” means and you might decide that they could be a fine entrée in themselves.) 

Brad, Sr. (the owner/manager of both Eli’s and the Atlantic Inn), recommended a nice Stemmari pinot noir to accompany this meal. He also suggested that if a guest is still hungry after finishing the burger and fries, they might consider the warm chocolate bread pudding for dessert!

The scoop is that Eli’s will be open late into the season — possibly up to the second week of November. That’s a lot of burgers and fries. Plus, their popular seared scallops, calamari and tuna nachos are always on the menu.

Eli’s is just off Water Street (the main street along the Old Harbor) on Chapel Street. It’s cozy and friendly — just the spot for a cool fall evening. — Becky Ballard and Ruth Perfido

For more information, call Eli's at 466-5230.