Order this... Gelato at Aldo’s Bakery

Mon, 06/17/2013 - 12:31pm

It’s the gelato — all 24 flavors — that’s getting plenty of attention at Aldo’s Bakery.  As an addition to the homemade ice cream (32 choices), the bakery began offering Bindi’s gelato a few years ago.  General Manager Johnny Levesque said, “The gelato caught on right away. It’s been very popular.”

All the ingredients are from Italy, Levesque said. “The creams, the nuts — everything.” Made with milk instead of cream, gelato is lower in fat content. Does it follow to say it’s more guilt free? Another plus is that the Italians like to blend in more fruits, nuts and crunched-up cookies. Try the Cinnamon Biscuit Tortoni or Tiramisu. Yes, those are actually two of the flavors. There’s even another called Sea Salt.

Across the room at the bakery counter, Avis McCloud offers all of Aldo’s well-known pastries. She said on any morning all through summer vacation, “The lines are out the door. It’s crazy, but fun. There are a lot of nice people.”

For New Harbor denizens, you’ll hear Johnny on Aldo’s pastry boat calling out “Andiamo!” (Let’s go!) as he circles around the moorings. He’ll have his baked goods, fresh coffee, orange juice and “milk for the kids” every morning this summer. He’s following in the footsteps of Big Aldo (Jr.) who took Johnny under his wing 11 years ago.

So after the beach or on a nice evening, take the family (or a friend) down to Aldo’s Bakery. Ghena Pancioha (from Moldova) will be behind the gelato counter. Ask him to scoop up a cone or a cup of the flavor of your choice or go crazy with any number of combinations you might desire. — Becky Ballard

Aldo’s Bakery is located on Weldon’s Way. The phone number is 466-2198.

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