Personal essay: The mission of Camp Kesem

Thu, 03/08/2018 - 10:45pm

From the fall activities fair to now, the students involved in Camp Kesem have been some of the most welcoming people I have met at Duke University.

I have become a member myself, and I can honestly say that it is already having a huge impact on my experience at Duke to be able to have a sense of community here. While I consider these people to be my really good friends, I do not even know their actual names, as we go by silly nicknames given to us during the naming ceremony. So, I am now Pesto because I love pasta.

Even though we always have fun, our main focus is on Camp Kesem, which is a national organization run completely by college students that provides a free summer camp for over 5,000 campers whose parents have been touched by cancer. The best part of this camp is that every camper attends for absolutely no cost, meaning that the counselors are tasked with raising at least $500 each to provide these campers with an unforgettable experience. As we all know too well, cancer sucks, and we are trying to do whatever we can to make sure that these kids can have a week to be themselves. This is why I feel so passionate about being involved in a thing like Kesem.

If you would like donate and support this incredible cause, you can do so via my donation page: Our whole Camp Kesem community at Duke thanks you for any generous donations you can make!

Bridgette Keane was a member of the Class of 2017 at the Block Island School and is in her first year at Duke.