Petri dish?

Thu, 08/12/2021 - 9:30pm

The following letter was copied to the Block Island Times:
Open letter to the New Shoreham Town Council,
Block Island is uniquely situated for a natural experiment in public health. With its residents having a high rate of COVID vaccination – over 90 percent last April –
and a large flow of visitors of unknown vaccine status, the island poses as a case study for how well the three vaccines are working on its tiny year-round and summer resident population. Unfortunately, the near future does not bode well for the island residents and businesses if no preventive measures are enforced. This letter is in support of Dr. Warcup’s warning at the recent Town Council meeting. I offer some data as a trained epidemiologist, the following graphic:

This map’s deeper shades indicate higher vulnerability to COVID as of today, August 6. It illustrates both Block Island’s uniqueness in its high vulnerability to
COVID (0.93 out of 1.0) and in its position with Washington County (overall low vulnerability score 0.10). In brief, this means that Block Island must take special precautions to sustain its population’s health. The Town Council, island businesses and Interstate Navigation should listen to and follow Dr. Warcup’s recommendations with enforceable actions.

Mary E. Lutz, PhD, MPH
Corn Neck Road