Plenty of fish to go around

Sat, 08/24/2013 - 2:00pm

Although the summer days are dwindling here on Block Island, the fishing definitely isn’t. The water temperature in the area is beginning to decrease, dipping back into the sixties with an average of about 67° F this week. As of now, the coming week’s forecast is looking sunny and clear, with a light wind coming from the southwest — the prevailing wind on the island. Bonito fishing has really started to pick up and the usual island fish are definitely still around. An added bonus this week: a large pod of dolphins made its way into New Harbor.

Surfcasting on the island has been successful as of late. Bonito are currently being caught around the island. One good place to go looking for them, in addition to fluke, scup, and the occasional blue or bass, is Coast Guard Beach during the day. Bonito can be caught in the channel any time of day, though the afternoon is usually the most common time for these fish to be found in our area.

This week, a number of kids went to Coast Guard Beach for The Fishing Academy, and nearly every one caught a fish. Several of the kids brought back large scup.

For striped bass, the fishing has been in half-light and dark, as the fish come in closer to the shore when the water gets colder. The channel has been yielding a number of striped bass at night, especially using smaller lures; for example, the 4-inch sluggos that mimic the sand eels in the area. Stripers have been hitting poppers at sunset and swimmers at night. These fish are being caught at night from most of the island’s beaches, including Mansion and Scotch Beach, Ballard’s Beach, West Beach (the dump), Cooneymus Beach (Southwest corner), Charleston Beach, Dory’s Cove, Grace’s Point, and North Point. Anglers have often been using a variety of plugs or whole squid to catch bass and blues in these areas.

It’s been a great week for fishing off of the boat as well. For fluke and sea bass, fishermen have been frequenting the area just outside of New Harbor, as well as the area in front of Ballard’s Beach as well as on the South side of the island. For striped bass and blue fish, anglers have been fishing the South side of the island, including the Southwest corner and down near Southeast Light on the other side, as well as at the north rip. Live eels do well as bait day or night when looking for striped bass or blue fish, as well as plugs and other lures (always remember to use bright colors during the day and darker ones at night).

Good luck fishing this week on Block Island. We’ve got more beautiful weather ahead and plenty of fish to go around!