Pro-balloon campaign surfaces on the internet

Sun, 03/25/2018 - 1:45pm

An internet campaign protesting the possible banning of the same and use of balloons on the island is beginning to attract some attention on Facebook.

A page by a group called “Balloons lift up” has posted an ad featuring a small child with her hand over her face, looking frustrated and dismayed, under the headline “Ban balloons? Srsly?” Under the image of the child is the tagline “Block Island has bigger problems” — as well as a hashtag, #BeBalloonSmart, and the website for the group,

Block Islanders, as well as others, are weighing in with their opinions about the ad, which was posted on March 19.

“I am confident that we would see no decrease in our levels of happiness if balloons were banned...” wrote one commenter from Block Island. Others protested government overreach. “Seriously, a balloon. Get real guys, they bring joy, smiles and great for celebrating...” was the opinion stated by another poster.

The proposal to ban balloons on Block Island is in its earliest talking stages, with no specific ordinance having been proposed or written. A letter written by a group called The Balloon Council was published in The Block Island Times on March 17, making the case for smart balloon use and education as the way to approach the problem of discarded balloons, rather than legislation. — Lars Trodson