Project has many benefits

Thu, 10/11/2018 - 4:15pm

Construction work currently taking place at the south parking lot at Fred Benson Town Beach is the hub of a multi-tiered effort impacting other town projects.

According to Facilities Manager Sam Bird, the work being done at the south parking lot will expand the size of the lot, while also eliminating the parallel parking along that section of Corn Neck Road in the summer. The fill that is gathered to create that new space is being hauled up to the revetment project at the end of West Beach Road that is designed to contain the junk from the old landfill that has been exposed in recent years due to storm activity. Third, some of the vegetation that was collected alongside the south parking lot has been transplanted next to the walkovers connecting Corn Neck Road to the beach.

“It’s kind of a three-way deal,” said Bird, noting that using the fill from the parking lot at the West Beach revetment project is saving the town money. “We orchestrated this so it would be symbiotic for things that needed to get done. It works out very, very well.” — Lars Trodson