Public Notices September 30, 2017

Fri, 09/29/2017 - 10:00am

Notice of Public Hearing
Proposed Amendment to New Shoreham General Ordinances
Chapter 6. Health and Sanitation, Add Section - Plastic Bags
Town Hall, Old Town Road
Wednesday, October 18, 2017
7:00 p.m.
The New Shoreham Town Council will hold a public hearing to consider amending New Shoreham’s Revised General Ordinances Chapter 6 Health and Sanitation, to add a new Article IV - Plastic Bags. The proposed language appears underlined below.
ADD – Article IV. - Plastic Bags
    •    The production, use and disposal of single use plastic carryout bags, which are commonly not recycled, has been shown to have significant detrimental impacts on the environment, including but not limited to contributing to the pollution of the terrestrial, near shore marine, and coastal environment, clogging of storm water drainage systems and injury and death of terrestrial and marine life through ingestion and entanglement.
    •    The manufacture, transport and recycling of single use plastic carryout bags requires substantial energy consumption and contributes to greenhouse gases, one of the major causes of climate change.
    •    Single use plastic carryout bags create a burden to solid waste recycling facilities.
    •    Prohibiting the use of single use plastic carryout bags is necessary to protect the environment of Block Island and the public health, safety and welfare of all residents and visitors.
    •    Plastic was the number one trash found on Block Island beaches as determined by The Ocean Conservancy’s Marine Debris Monitoring Study (1992-2007).  
    •    Plastics pollution puts at risk the health of the local economy of Block Island, as it is fundamentally dependent upon the health and beauty of the island’s natural resources.
    •    Similar ordinances have been passed in the City of Newport, Town of Middletown, Town of Barrington and throughout the United States.
The purpose of this ordinance is to protect the wildlife and coastal ecosystems of Block Island, the enjoyment of nature, and the health, safety, and welfare of Block Island’s residents and visitors by: encouraging the use of reusable carryout bags, banning the use of single use plastic carryout bags for retail checkout of goods, and reducing the number of single use carryout bags that enter our environment.
As used in this article, the following terms shall have the meanings indicated:
Carryout Bag.  A bag used by the customer at the point of sale for the purpose of removing products purchased from retail establishment. "Carryout bag" does not include plastic barrier bags, double-opening plastic bags, or plastic bags measuring larger than 28 inches by 36 inches.
Double-Opening Plastic Bag.  Any thin plastic bag with a double opening (top and bottom) to protect clothing or other items for transport.
Paper Bag. A paper bag that is fully recyclable overall and contains a minimum of 40% post-consumer recycled content and contains no old growth fiber.
Plastic Bag.  A bag where any portion of the bag is made of plastic, including but not limited to those called "biodegradable, "compostable" or "oxo-biodegradable."
Plastic Barrier Bag.  Any thin plastic bag with a single opening used to: (1) Transport fruit, vegetables, nuts, grains, small hardware items, or other items selected by customers to the point of sale; (2) Contain or wrap fresh or frozen foods, meat, or fish, whether prepackaged or not; (3) Contain or wrap flowers, potted plants, or other items where damage to a good or contamination of other goods placed together in the same bag may be a problem; or (4) Contain unwrapped prepared foods or bakery goods.
Recyclable Plastic.  Plastic that meets the current Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation's standards.
Business Establishment.  Any commercial enterprise, including sole proprietorship, joint ventures, partnerships, corporations, or any other legal entity, and includes all employees of the business and any independent contractors associated with the business.  For the purposes of this ordinance, business establishment shall also include farmers markets.  Business establishment does not include sales of goods at yard sales, tag sales, or other sales by residents at their homes.
Reusable Carryout Bag.  A bag that is specifically designed and manufactured for multiple reuse. The bag must be made of washable cloth, other durable woven or nonwoven fabric, or durable plastic film that is recyclable plastic with a minimum thickness of four mils.
    •    No business establishment shall make available any plastic carryout bags, either complimentary or for a fee, for any sales transaction or other use to members of the public.
    •    Nothing in this section shall preclude business establishments from making reusable bags or paper bags available to customers, by sale or otherwise.
Enforcement; violations and penalties.
Refer to Sec.1-15 – General Penalty.
This ordinance shall take effect on January 1, 2018.
Before acting on the foregoing, the New Shoreham Town Council will hold a Public Hearing at the time and place referenced above at which time all persons for or against may be heard.
Fiona Fitzpatrick,
Town Clerk
Posted: September 6, 2017
Hearing: October 18, 2018

Public Notice
Block Island Land Trust
 Thursday, October 5, 2017, 4:00 p.m.
Town Hall, Old Town Road, Block Island, RI
4:00 PM – Open Session:
Public Input
    Spring House Pump Lot Sign
BIPCo Tree Trimming
Solar and Agriculture Co-Location Discussion    
Treasurer’s Report: September 2017
Secretary’s Report
LTA Membership Renewal & Resolution Re: Adoption of Revised Standards & Practices    
Approval of Minutes:  Open & Closed September 14, 2017
4:30 PM– Closed Session:  Acquisitions, Litigation*
Motion(s) as a result of closed session discussion
Next Meeting:  Thursday, November 9, 2017 at 4:00 pm
*This item will be held in Closed Session pursuant to RIGL 42-46-5(5) (acquisitions: confidential at this time), and RIGL 42-46-5(2) (litigation: updates for Renz, and TNS Zoning Board/Stockman-Washington County Superior Court Case #WC2016-250).
Those requesting interpreter services for the hearing impaired must call (401) 466-3200  
48 hours prior to meeting date.  TTY: 711.
Posted:  September 27, 2017