Publisher's Note: A senseless act of vandalism

Mon, 09/30/2013 - 2:00pm

On the grounds of Town Hall to the right side of the front of the building stands a stone column topped by a sundial. Incised on top of the granite pillar are the words “In Memory Of Eileen.” Two granite seats complete the semicircle.

There are probably few people on island who even know who Eileen was, but I do. Eileen Littlefield Lee (sister of Edith Littlefield Blane) was an accomplished artist and an active community volunteer. A native islander and graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design, Eileen was a seminal figure in establishing the arts community on Block Island. She and her artist husband, John, had The Offshore Workshop at the end of the Neck. Later she and Diana Stevens opened The Ragged Sailor, an art boutique that began the transformation of the island shopping experience and nurtured a burgeoning arts community.

After her premature death, a group of friends led by Robbie Lewis and Helen Cullinan, to honor Eileen, selected the site, designed the pillar, and planted a small park around the column between the building and the adjacent pond.

Sometime between sundown on Aug.  25 and noon on Aug. 27, 2013, the sundial that rested atop the granite pillar went missing. Fortunately, the town moved quickly to replace it.

Today a simple monument to a treasured friend has been restored. And once again we can all enjoy a symbol of the ties that bind us.

Shame on whoever perpetrated this senseless act of vandalism and disrespected our community.

Fraser Lang