Publisher's Note

Tue, 01/12/2016 - 11:15am

A promise to keep

Block Island is beautiful. From the miles of beaches to its graceful hills, to the residents who care so much for their little slice of heaven and work to maintain it, to the summer crowd that enthusiastically (and, mostly, respectfully) takes advantage of its natural beauty and supports it economically, we see what most you have seen for years: A place we can serve and call our own.

We’re here to help the island move forward so that it can hold onto the past. As we say in the masthead of our Central Connecticut publications, “It takes a newspaper to build a community.” We truly believe that a good, dependable paper (and website) is the foundation of a real community.

We want to continue the legacy of its outgoing owners, Fraser and Betty Lang, who showed their commitment to the island each week. We’re fortunate they have agreed to stay on to help us get acclimated and to build on their dream. The staff will remain, and we’re confident they will continue to produce the quality work you deserve.

We’re an independent company, and the buck stops at my door. There’s no connection to anyone or any thing. Our only commitment is to the communities we serve. This transition has been months in the making. Our promise to you is to provide truthful, objective reporting and quality editing.

As much as we’ll work to avoid them, we will make mistakes. We hope that they will be small and few. We also hope that you will forgive us when we bend over backward to fix them. 

You’ll be seeing a lot of me around the island — I’m not used to spending a lot of time behind a desk — and you should feel free to ask questions and give me your opinion. I’ll be here often, especially during this transition time. Stop me on the street, come into the office, or speak up at one of the many meetings we have planned to introduce me to you.

Just like the paper under the Langs, we’ll do our best to provide truthful, unbiased reporting in our news columns. Don’t expect to see much change in the editorial direction of the paper. We believe in the same things most of you do: protection of the island’s natural wonders, quality healthcare, affordable energy, good education for our children, job opportunities for those who can work and meeting the basic needs of those who can’t, and careful, thoughtful economic development to sustain both young and old, rich and poor.

We may disagree on how to get there, but we’ll encourage debate and provide reasoned suggestions on how to move forward. Most importantly, we’ll listen. The door is open, cell phone and email available to all.

But don’t take our word for it — we know we need to earn your trust. We won’t always be right, and we will make mistakes. But we hope you’ll forgive us when we admit them, seeing that we will learn from them and because you will know our hearts are in the right place.

We have come to understand that Block Island is not simply a place where people live and work and play. It inspires a passion and devotion seldom found anywhere.

Here’s to supporting each other in this special community.

Michael Schroeder