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Fri, 08/10/2018 - 5:30am

Ed. note: Island Bound Bookstore has invited some of its younger customers to choose a book and write a review about it. Here are some reviews for this week:

I like the book “Shipwreck Island” by S.A. Bodeen because it’s action-packed and has a lot of funny drama. It’s about a girl named Sarah whose dad just got remarried to a pretty girl, Yvonna, who has two sons, Nacho and Marco. Sarah is very unhappy about the situation and wants nothing to do with their new family. The five of them go out on a cruise to Fiji when a huge storm wrecks the ship and beaches them on a deserted island. Will they survive the mysterious place? Read the book to find out… — Nick Heinrich, age 11

“Switch” was an amazing book. It had a lot of funny parts. It was an outstanding book. For everyone who likes books with laughs, romance, friendship, and the never-ending lesson — family is everything — then this is a must read for you. — Ashley Callahan

“Emily Windsnap and the Castle in the Mist” by Lizz Kessler is about a 12-year old girl named Emily. She must make a choice of living on land with her mother or living as a mermaid with her father. Her friend Shona helps find a special ring. The ring breaks the curse that helps her make the decision. When the curse is broken, she can live with both of her parents again. —Bella Flad, age eight

I read “Big Nate in the Zone” by Lincoln Peirce. I liked this book because it has humor, drama, and romance and action and it was awesome. Other people would like it if they like “Diary of a Wimpy Kid.” Nate has great luck and defeats the seventh grader. He gets his lucky gift that Chad gave him. — Logan Prescott, age eight

“The Selection” by Kiera Cass is an amazing story, starring Miss America Singer. Thirty-five girls go to compete for Prince Maxon’s heart. America has no interest in competing — all she wants to do is marry her love, Aspen. She signs up anyway, knowing she will help her family. To her surprise, she is chosen, and she goes to the palace. Will she stay true to Aspen or end up falling for Prince Maxon? — Sophia Cossit-Levy, age 13 (No photo for Sophia.)

I think people will like “Stuart Little” by E.B. White because he is curious and has adventures. Stuart was creative, kind and had a good sense of humor. I liked how he got himself in and out of trouble. Children like going on adventures and getting into trouble and that’s why they will like Stuart Little. — Elizabeth Grogan, age six

I think other kids should read “Jacky Ha-Ha” by James Patterson and Chris Grabenstein because it’s an amazing book. I think children/pre-teens would like this because it has a lot of detail. Jacky Ha-Ha is funny, sad, and cool. She is an adventurous, cool, funny, awesome girl. — Catherine B. Moutenot