Rediscovering history

Thu, 09/02/2021 - 2:45pm

To the Editor,
Last Sunday we visited the Block Island Historical Society Museum. Regrettably, we hadn’t been beyond the front lawn (for talks, book readings, etc.) in recent years.
Sunday was a cool, cloudy day, ideal for spending time there. It was an uplifting experience. Both the physical space and the history so skillfully, accessibly shared, preserve some of what we most treasure here: the island’s spirit permeates and her story is well told, with well-conceived exhibits, clear captions, evocative artifacts and other material. The large new (to us!) room is light and open, currently housing the great Daniel Berrigan exhibit. Though we’ve explored, read and heard island lore for years, we learned more – and differently – from our time at the museum.
It is a treasure.
With thanks to Pam Gasner for her long, committed leadership and vision, and to the staff and volunteers for their excellent work over many years.

Jan Wampler and Elizabeth Reed,
Sands Pond Road