Reflections on a season well played

Thu, 11/11/2021 - 4:15pm

When it ends, it’s never as you played it out in your dreams. It’s hard, like so many of life’s lessons that lie ahead. The suddenness of a cherished, shared high school experience over in a rat-a-tat blistering of calls and crazy bounces. It’s never fair. But it is final.

That is how the Hurricanes volleyball season ended. A 3-2 loss in the first round of the Rhode Island Interscholastic League’s Division 3 playoffs to Middletown, at Middletown, that could have gone either way but for a few questionable non-calls that drew the ire and yellow cards on both Block
Island coaches, a first.
If the chatter on the ferry home is any indication, the loss was certainly disappointing, but the team, collectively, was still happy with the year given so many new players. These young women are led by Coach Rob Martin who delivers a monotone prescription for positivity, constantly stressing all the good things, all the things to be proud of including an amazing 10-game winning streak to end the season and leapfrog into the playoffs when they could have folded. They are proud to be Hurricanes, and fought like the whole island was behind them.
Nothing to be ashamed of here. Tiny high school battling Goliaths. The Hurricanes’ eyes tell the story of resoluteness and strength and genuine love for the game and respect for each other, eye-smiles that tell a story all by themselves. According to Athletic Director Matt Moran “the season turned against the very same Middletown team back on Columbus Day weekend” and the Hurricanes went on to win ten matches in a row, a remarkable accomplishment. Hurricanes forever indeed.