Rosemary Connelli at SSG

Fri, 08/31/2018 - 6:30am

In the short and thankful words of poet Rupi Kaur: “Look down at your body, whisper, there is no home like you.”

On Tuesday, Sept. 4, Rosemary Connelli’s new show, "Dew of the Sea" will explore the celebration of feminine self love and the appreciation for the whales that live in the waters surrounding the artist’s home, through drawings composed of women's bodies and whales. The opening reception will be on Tuesday, Sept. 4 from 5  to 7 p.m. at the Spring Street Gallery, with beverages and delicious food. The exhibit will run from Monday, Sept. 3 to Monday, Sept. 10.

Connelli began creating art when she was a child, inspired by her island environment. Growing up, she began to experience vivid dreams of whales approaching the island and would find herself in the dream helplessly rushing to the shore. “In dream interpretation, whales have been known to lead those back home when the time comes; in a sense, I am constantly being led back to the waters surrounding the island where I was raised.”

While she always had a strong love for the ocean, she also struggled with loving her own body. “How can a woman learn to love herself and the body she carries, when the world forbids her to do so? I adored my island sanctuary, but continued to shame and hate my own body; the vessel I call home.”

By combining her exploration for self love, the ocean and the whales surrounding her island home, she is happy to present her body of artwork produced from afar while studying as an undergraduate. 

To view her artwork, or to understand her creative process, visit