SAC initiates Senior Ride Service

Thu, 02/07/2019 - 4:15pm

As part of its goal to improve the quality of life for seniors on the island, the Senior Advisory Committee (SAC) has established a subsidized transportation resource for seniors and persons with disabilities or recovering from illness or surgery.

Known as the Senior Ride Service (SRS), the program has come about through an arrangement with two local taxi companies. SAC launched the service this past week as a pilot program underwritten with funds received from a grant awarded the group last year by the Division of Elderly Affairs. SAC is asking those taking advantage of the ride service to pay a $3 round-trip fare.

To be eligible for the service, people should simply sign up with the Senior Coordinator, after which they may call either Mig’s Rig, or McAloon’s Taxi. The cabs are available at most times, day or evening, except during ferry departure or arrival hours. Taxis are not available on Sunday evenings.

On Tuesday morning, the first rider to take advantage of the ride service was Betty Fitzpatrick, headed for two senior programs at the Community Center. Smiling broadly, she said, “It was so easy; it was fun!”

Hopeful that many others would follow suit, Sandra Kelly and Gail Pierce, Co-Chairs of SAC, anticipated that the special service would become popular among seniors and give them more flexibility in getting around the island. They added that people with special needs should take advantage of the service as well. By mid-week, some 15 persons had registered.

Gloria Redlich is the Senior Coordinator for the Senior Advisory Committee. She can be reached at