Safe spaces

Thu, 11/04/2021 - 2:00pm

To the Editor,
I would like to offer some clarification in response to last week’s article (Nov. 23) by Stephen Hester regarding the school. It appears that I need to clarify that while the health room is, in fact, identified at the door as a safe space (and has been for many years), I do not expect every child to choose me as their ‘safe adult.’ This is why throughout the course of their time at the school, children are encouraged to identify the individual(s) they would feel comfortable going to in the event they needed help or support.
I will reiterate what I said in my letter [to Stephen Hester] also. If I witness or become aware of specific ongoing acts of aggression against another person, I take the appropriate action, as does our administration. Bear in mind: saying something inappropriate or unkind unintentionally is being rude; saying something inappropriate or unkind intentionally once is mean; saying something inappropriate or unkind intentionally more than once is bullying. Again, each would be addressed in the manner appropriate to the situation. In our conversations with a community member regarding establishing a youth support group, my recollection is that we agreed it was felt to be best to work though the library if the intent was to also reach and include individuals beyond school age, as such a group would operate more appropriately and achieve its reach at the library, and we discussed whether being a small school community, some students might be more comfortable in a setting other than the school. I am not aware of anyone ever being told we would not form a group at school, and that did not happen in any meetings that I was a part of. The student council did adopt this as part of their mission many years ago, however as it appears needs have changed, a distinct group will perhaps better suit student needs.
I hope this helps to clarify.

Victoria Carson
Old Town Road