School documentary explores B.I. Wind Farm

Touches on Block Island’s history
Tue, 06/13/2017 - 2:30pm

Some seniors from The Greene School produced a 37-minute documentary with the goal of informing the public about the Block Island Wind Farm, while also touching on the history of Block Island. The students do a superb job of filming; the documentary is beautifully shot, capturing aerial scenes of the island, and the wind farm.

The piece, narrated by student Michelle Flitman, utilizes interview subjects to present both sides of the topic: those who are in favor of the wind farm, and those who are not. Flitman notes during her narration that the extremes in population, from the desolate winter to the increased populace during the summer, “make powering Block Island a complicated task.”

According to its website, The Greene School is located in West Greenwich, Rhode Island and is aimed at “providing direct experience in nature, along with the latest in environmental science and technology.” The school’s mission statement is: “We develop leaders and citizens engaged in finding peaceful and sustainable solutions to local and global challenges.”

Learn more about the school at its website: Review information about the students’ documentary entitled “Who Farms The Wind?” here: