Sat, 11/12/2016 - 7:00am

There are a lot of bass out there, folks. The gradual drop in water temperatures has slowed the anticipated arrival of big fish, but there are a lot of schoolies all around the island right now. You should definitely get out there and catch some. 

Squid fishing has been unbelievable lately. Fishermen have been lining up in New Harbor and Old at night to fill their buckets with squid for either food or bait. The common misconception is that you need a lot of light to attract them, but even a dim light from the street is enough to bring the squid to the surface. Obviously, the large amount of squid has also brought in the stripers.

There have even been reports of other small baitfish in the area. Six-inch bunker have been spotted off the jetty under The Spring House, which are not typically seen around the island. 

The main attraction in the fall is obviously the striped bass. Fishing mostly at night, anglers have been seeing really good numbers lately all around the island. Snake Hole and Black Rock have been good using eels lately reeling them in slowly. There are some large schools of bass circling the island right now, so it hasn’t been hard to find them. The biggest fish (40-plus inches) reported, however, have been on the east side between Old Harbor and Scotch Beach at night. The lure of choice is a bright colored Lemire’s needlefish, and they have been working!

You can also try drifting whole squid off the docks in both harbors and catch smaller fish that way mostly at night. With the arrival of shell fishing season, you should also be checking the docks for winter flounder and using fresh caught clams as bait. 

Even though the island is quiet now and most of the tourists are gone, there is plenty of action in the water. Get out there and enjoy fall fishing on Block Island!

Tight lines!