Off-season ferry ride

Thu, 03/25/2021 - 5:30pm

Leaning over the rail
Watching the wake in awe
Familiar voice calls my name
An old friend that I saw

The randomness of who’s onboard
Is always pretty fun
Spot a dog that I know
His owner is my chum

Catching up on the times
Rehashing some old news
Gossiping with some laughs
On this one-hour cruise

Never fails, it’s guaranteed
See people that I know
Connected then, connected now
Conversation starts to flow

Coffee, hot chocolate or a beer
Held in every hand
Enjoying this chilly, choppy ride
Until we reach the land

The sun sets
The temperature drops
Time to go inside

Grab a table
And a bench
Slide over
Sit beside

Conversing is a bartender,
Carpenter, teacher, cook
Another off-season ferry trip
Where I didn’t crack my book

Years go by
Some things change
I hope one remains the same
A winter Block Island ferry ride
Whose passengers I know by name