To see or not to see... The Orville

What to watch in the off-season
Fri, 10/20/2017 - 11:30am

Ed. note: An occasional column on what to watch, or not, during the colder months.

Here’s my stance on this “show.”

I was raised on the original “Star Trek.” It was the show we used to watch in my house, and even though it was made on a budget that was only able to buy a couple of cardboard boxes, it had heart and (some) quality and was great. Then, when I was about eight, I was introduced “The Next Generation,” which, in my eyes, was one of the best TV shows ever made. “The Next Generation” is up there with “The X-Files,” plus all those Marvel shows (except for “Iron Fist,” obviously). And then, I see an advertisement for something that looks like “Star Trek” but with a downgrade in quality and a tad more humor (like what “Supernatural” was to “The X-Files”), so I was interested.

Then I was greeted with this pile of sewage. In case you didn’t know, “The Orville” is 21st Century Fox’s  effort to see how much they can copy a beloved TV show. “The Orville” makes “Star Trek” look well acted, deep, well written, and made with a large budget. “The Orville” even goes the extra length to copy scenes from “The Next Generation.” It hasn’t even thought of any new characters (well, it has, but barely), but most are either exact copies, or such blatant ripoffs it makes me tear up. “The Orville” could have saved itself with some half-decent writing or humor, but the writing never gets out of the toilet. I’m just going to end this now by politely asking everyone to not watch “The Orville.”

Now that that’s done, I am going to go watch some “Next Generation.”

The Orville was created by and stars Seth MacFarlane (Family Guy, American Dad) and is shown on the Fox network.

Mark Hunnewell lives in Vermont and Block Island. He is a sophomore at Burr & Burton Academy in Manchester, Vermont.