To see or not to see... The Punisher

Sat, 12/02/2017 - 8:30am

It is such a lovely time to be into superhero movies, isn’t it? In just one day we have “Justice League” and “The Punisher” on Netflix. Now, I was planning on doing a comparison between the two, but after seeing “Justice” I figured it wouldn’t be exactly fair. And if I did write about “Justice League” it would just be the words “Corporate garbage joke” underlined a couple times with the phrase “hahaha” after it. So instead I get to do “The Punisher,” Marvel’s new series made in collaboration with Netflix.

When I started “The Punisher” I was skeptical, seeing as Marvel’s more recent television ventures had been uninteresting, leading with the complete mistake that was mid-2017’s “Iron Fist” to the fun, yet underwhelming “Defenders,” and the actor who would be leading “The Punisher” worried me. Jon Bernthal first debuted as Frank Castle (aka, “The Punisher”) in the second season of “Daredevil” though a fantastic show, Bernthal was arguably the best part of the second season. Even though he was excellent in that role I was wary about whether he would be able to lead a show by himself, yet I am glad to say my suspicions were not valid because I majorly under-appreciated Bernthal’s talents as an actor and he pretty much carries the show.

One thing that assists the quality of “The Punisher” is a large number of interesting and talented side characters with mini-arcs that aren’t immediately apparent and have a massive impact on the story as a whole. “The Punisher” never feels to me like it’s wasting time, never just walking in circles. All the content in the show was compelling to me and it was filled with the dedication at pulling Marvel’s Netflix collaborations back into the spotlight.

I will say that “The Punisher” is the most violent of Marvel’s shows yet, because he is the anti-hero equivalent of a mass shooter. And on that note I think it is a disservice to the show for so many critics to be deducting “points” because of the horrible events going on around America at the moment, it’s immature and has nothing to do with the message of “The Punisher.” I would say “The Punisher” is extraordinarily respectful to real veterans when dealing with its core ideals of patriotism, PTSD, and revenge.

Now you may have noticed that I haven’t even gone over the plot or details, that’s because it is a show where things should be learned as you progress from episode to episode. I just want to tell you why it is worth the time commitment and it is worth it for everyone to watch. If you like heroes that will never make it into the mainstream, dark and depressing TV shows that are a bit edgy, I could not recommend “The Punisher” more.