Small gestures, big hearts

Fri, 04/01/2022 - 3:30am

To the community,
Many thanks for the fundraisers held on behalf of the Ukrainian people whose agony we are witnessing on the news each day. Special thanks to Chris Warfel for his Oyster Fundraiser and to the Odd Fellows Cafe for its leadership – and to any others that I may have overlooked. And of course, thank you to the donors who make such efforts possible. Appreciation also goes to Nancy Greenaway for her beautiful poetry that weighs so heavily on our hearts as she describes the plight of refugees and the pain of separation between parent and child.
History repeats – with Putin’s cruelty we’re reminded that the Ukrainians have been subjected to such atrocities in the past. During a period known as the Holodomor (death by hunger), Stalin unleashed forced collectivism on Ukraine back in the early 1930s. The repression through which it was
enforced brought additional horror during which four million died. Though Ukraine seems far away, its destruction has global implications.

Keith and Kay Lewis
Off Cooneymus Road