A small slice of Block Island life

Fri, 12/24/2021 - 9:09am

To the Editor,
On Friday, December 17, I arrived at the ferry dock early... 2:45 for the 4 o’clock boat to Point Judith. It was a beautiful day – more like mid-May that mid-December. A guy named Joe (I think he was new) was manning the check-in booth.
Joe gave me my boarding pass. I parked my car and proceeded to the ticket window. I bought my ticket and stuffed my wallet back into my pocket ... or at least I thought I did. The wallet missed its mark and, unbeknownst to me, fell to the floor.
Ticket in hand and clueless, I left the ticket office. Since it was such a beautiful day, I decided to take a few walking laps around the parking lot while I waited for boarding. As I finished my last lap, I heard someone behind me yelling “Mr. Murphy!” There it was again, this time only louder: “MR. MURPHY!”
I turned. It was Joe from the check-in booth (not to be confused with Joe from the check-in booth in Pt. Judith although I’m sure Joe H would have done the same) arms waving frantically and one hand holding (am I seeing things?) my wallet!
Here’s what happened. After I left the ticket office, the next person to arrive was Ron Clinton from M&R Construction. Ron saw the wallet on the floor and gave it to Noah who was working the ticket window. Noah, in turn, gave the wallet to boarding pass Joe, thinking that Joe would know who this “Mr. Murphy” was.
Joe remembered and my wallet and I were reunited.

A huge “thank you” to M&R Construction’s Ron Clinton and to Interstate Navigation’s Noah the ticket guy and Joe the boarding pass guy. You guys are a real credit to yourselves, to your respective companies, and to Block Island.
Phil Murphy
Old Mill Road