Softball season ends in soggy fun

Thu, 08/26/2021 - 5:00pm

Okay. Quite enough.
We just lived through the give and take of uncertainty of Henri, some clenched jaws, tired muscles, boats being hauled, tables, chairs, and whatever stored away, countless numbers trundled off the island in conga lines of suitcases being trudged down sidewalks, wind, rain, and the invasion of the mosquito-eating dragon flies.

With the storm purportedly gone, and eight weeks of competitive co-ed softball play in the rear view mirror, the door was open wide to a wonderful final night celebration of island co-ed softball that is one flat-out entertaining get together. An extended family cookout atmosphere of sorts on steroids. Weather be damned.

Hootin’ and hollering, genuine camaraderie, full belly-laughs of islanders letting loose, not some manufactured thing. Non-stop editorial comments from all teams and some fans that leave one wondering how does it go by so fast? It’s a final night that represents more than a final game in many ways.
Recreation Director and workaholic Dave Sniffen had spent half the day with staff and volunteers trying to make the dirt field playable after heavy rains on Monday afternoon. And what a job they did, digging trenches, blowing off water with leaf blowers in temporarily-built drains, and then filling them back in and leveling the playing surface. Remarkable job, remarkable effort.
But the rain was not done. No, not by a long shot.
Some early sprinkles, some mist, brought grins and guffaws from players as they whipped the muddy ball around the infield, slid like seasoned skim-boarders on the outfield grass, chased homers, base hits, and line drives, and managed in two games to determine the final standings.

In the end... The Block Island Softball Team (used the same creative agency as the NFL’s The Washington Football Team) decked out in potentially illegal, blinding pink, beating Poor Peoples Pub 12-3 for the championship. In the semi-final game, Turner Home Care went out to a 24-3 lead, before Star Department Store “stormed back” to tie the game in one carousel of a hitting clinic, but the rain also stormed back halting the game, and season, for good.