A star is re-born

Fri, 12/27/2019 - 12:15pm

An old star has taken on a new shine at Sunset Hill.

It’s a six-foot stick figure; a greeting to neighbors, an announcement of the season, a symbol of community.

In recent years, it was stored away only to await rediscovery.

I found it this way: Having moved into the basement apartment, the under porch area was offered to me as storage space and cleaning it out would be the exchange.

The star emerged from behind stacks of boxes, bags, window screens and such, and it instantly spoke of its past vigils. It was of simple construction, was adorned with large old-style bulbs, and had plenty of wear and tear. It lit up when plugged in and, with few bulbs unlit or missing, and showed enough readiness to serve again.

When I reminded my landlord of its existence and condition, he regaled of times when he was called back to the island to install the decoration for his parents.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking?” came to mind for both of us, and we went to work. The old eyehooks were still well anchored with knots of tattered string hanging off it. I donated a leather bootlace and strung an extension cord. My landlord climbed out the window on top of the porch roof and pulled the star up to its perch.

It was great to hear around town that the star was seen again — and even missed. It’s back with a string of colored lights teaming up with the red bulbs of yesteryear to help it shine just a little brighter and reach a little farther to welcome the season and wish everyone well.

Thanks to Charlie and Clancy Dodge for allowing me to honor his parents, Willis and Edrie Dodge.