Stitching a holiday tree

Thu, 12/03/2020 - 6:45pm

Did you miss out on knitting or crocheting squares for the monarch butterfly community art project last spring? If so, here’s your chance to partake in a new project, get creative, and pass some time during this sure-to-be non-social, holiday season. Anyone may participate.

Organizer Sue Brown Black is at it again, this time with an idea for a granny square covered holiday tree. The idea was inspired by images of a crocheted Christmas tree that adorned a plaza in Trivento, Italy in 2018, that have since gone viral.

That tree was six meters high and was comprised of some 1300 squares. The idea for Block Island’s tree is a bit more modest, but no less spectacular. Black has enlisted the help of sculptor Aymar Ccopacatty to design a fivefoot, portable tree with red metal mesh so that the squares can be easily attached.

The tree is scheduled to arrive on Block Island on December 18, and while details have not yet been finalized, it may move around the island to various locations where you may, if you wish, attach your own squares. The tree will be displayed through New Year’s, but may also appear at other times with seasonally appropriate colors. The frame is designed to be used over and over again.

Although the granny square is a very traditional crochet pattern, with patterns and tutorials easily available on the internet, participants may also craft squares by knitting or weaving. They just need to be either sixinch or fiveinch squares, multi-colored, and preferably edged in green. If you don’t have green yarn, please make your square five-by-five inches.

There is a bin on the porch of Offshore Property on Ocean Avenue for picking up or dropping off supplies, as well as the finished squares. (Please use the hand sanitizer provided and do not enter the office.) Organizers are also looking for donations of spare crochet hooks and acrylic yarn in a myriad of colors. As each square only takes a bit of yarn, even the smallest balls of yarn leftover from other projects are appreciated. Acrylic yarn is preferred for its ability to withstand the elements without either shrinking or stretching.

If you would like to make a monetary donation to offset the cost of the frame, please contact Black at (603) 677-2356.