Summer Observed

Thu, 08/08/2019 - 7:45pm

My Rebecca Rotary/Roundabout Report on Facebook began a few summers ago, a line from one of those lovely, overheard family conversations. Bits and pieces of summer observed from one little corner in town, the world passing by — and coming into — the Greenaway Gallery.

There are movie matinee postings, pictures with few words, the occasional storm sky, fall wedding parties posing at Rebecca, the Gardeners clearing the lady's base and tending her flowers and more.

Rebecca Roundabout Report 6.26.19. In Rebecca’s a little boy had been sent to pick up an order without enough cash. He was confused about which drink to leave behind but a young man who works at the Beachead — reddish hair, trimmed beard — immediately said “oh, I’ve got it.” It wasn’t a big bill, but it was a sweet gesture and while I like to think I’d have picked up and thrown in the trash the frappuccino empty I saw on the brick apron in front of the Figurehead on the way back to Malcolm’s without that little “be kind” reminder, but I’m not so sure.

Rebecca Roundabout Report 7.04.19. Happy Day the Rest of the Colonies finally joined Rhode Island in their Declaration of Independence.

Rebecca Roundabout Report 7.05.19. Not as bad as it looks [a gaggle of vehicles in the little parking lot below the church], just a minor traffic jam because the police pulled over a Jeep with passengers hanging out the back. It may be fun but our roads are just as hard as the mainland’s and there are all those walls, people have been badly hurt, and it’s illegal. Why chance your vacation? And if you live here please set a good example!

Off the Rebecca Roundabout 7.06.19. A very poor representation of the colorful blooms that make up Cindy’s Garden at Sullivan Sotheby’s International Realty.

Heard at the Rebecca Rotary 7.11.18. Dad and his little girls having a sweet discussion about a book they had read, “yes,” he reassured them “that is a strange ending” then stopping and looking around “where’s Mom!?” No panic, clearly not his elderly mother, just a wife/mother who’d managed a moment of peace. Later, different folks, unrelated “there’s only one movie all day, what do people do here?” Is there even an answer? Well, yes, see book discussion.

From 7.19.15. Lovely, funny story: yesterday afternoon Malcolm Greenaway is in the shop, a couple who have bought art over the years but never met the photographer walk by with their absurdly beautiful children, I call them in, everyone is happy then the dad says to his little boy "this is the man who took the Mad Monk in your room" and the little guy burst into tears. Power of words, he thought Malcolm had gone to his house on Long Island and taken away the photo he so loves - of the Mad Monk fishing boat under a full rainbow. Poor fellow, that story is going to be told for years and he's probably too young to even remember it!

Rebecca Roundabout Report 7.21.19. Too stinkin’ hot. Remembering a cooler, rainy day last week when two different people came in looking for the Arcade, Dirty Gerties. Long gone I told them to which they replied “but it’s on the internet!” So of course I asked to see it and one lady got quite annoyed at me, not the site, not herself, when I pointed out the 2003 date on the article.

Not at Rebecca, the almost Bridge Gate Square Report 7.21.19, overhead at the BIG, a guy clearly at sea: “it’s my turn to do dinner, at home I just do KFC!”

Rebecca Roundabout Report 7.27.19. “We’re not stupid, you are!” Kids on bikes, better at least than adults on mopeds who would have laced the same words with profanity.

Rebecca Roundabout Report 7.28.19. A Mayhem of Mopeds, it was even larger but a few got away while I was finding my phone! Yes, I’m in my car, waiting for another car to back out, which it could not do until the Mayhem moved (imagine Melee of Mopeds behind parked cars).

Rebecca Roundabout Report 7.29.19. I thought I had a new green plant but it was out in the middle of the plaza in front of the Empire and some cement lover pulled it up before I took a photo.

Rebecca Roundabout Report 8.01.19. Lady comes in with one of those questions — Edna Sheffield, an idea of a white house on a hill.

Insert dramatic pause here.

No, it was not the Sheffield House, but a farmhouse down the Neck.

“She had a cat named Bozo?” I ask — might have been Bonzo, but close — woman almost gasps.

“How do you know that?!”

Just left it with “I’ve always lived here.”

But I had to tell her the old house had burned.

Rebecca Roundabout Report 8.02.19. Wow, the boat just unloaded! A Vortex of Vacationers has converged on the corner, at least they are all happy. And unlike yesterday not falling off mopeds or bicycles en masse.

Rebecca Roundabout Report 8.03.19. So today went from: Someone who was really nasty — and huffed off — because I wanted to check before confirming the location of the Farmers Market, which I was really sure was at the Spring House when it usually isn’t on Saturday, to a super nice couple asking directions to the Beachead, prefacing their question with “We know you’re not the information center...” It takes so little to rock my faith in humanity but, thankfully, so little to restore it!

On the way to the Rebecca Roundabout Report 8.05.19. Almost got hit by a clearly out of control rental moped. Between Andy’s Way and the Minister’s Lot entrance, no traffic. For all the traffic in town this is the first time this summer I’ve had to pull over and breathe. On the empty Neck Road before 10.

Stayed tuned, more to come.