Summer season revenues lag

Fri, 07/31/2020 - 5:15pm

Revenues collected by the Town of New Shoreham in the month of May show declines — in some areas dramatically steep declines — in almost all revenue streams. Mooring rentals in Old Harbor, however, were more or less holding their own.

The figures were provided to The Block Island Times by Finance Director Amy Land.

Monthly mooring rentals in New Harbor for May, June and up through July 20 for 2020 were $575, $67,799 and $75,672. The figures for the same months last year were $6,310, $82,482, and $106,897.

The meals and beverage taxes were way off for May. That month in 2019 brought in $20,914, this year the revenue was $3,676.

Hotel tax figures were not any better. Hotels brought in $320 in tax revenue in May 2020, while last year that figure was $14,118.

Mooring and slip rentals in Old Harbor, were, however, down only slightly. In May 2019, moorings brought in $4,435, while this year that figure was $3,192. In June 2019, they brought in $11,404, while this year it was $11,528 (a slight increase). Through July 20, Old Harbor rentals brought in $30,979, while this year the revenue was $26,901.

While in some cases the numbers were better than expected, Land said she would not use these figures as a way to predict how the summer is so far going in terms of overall revenue.

“Whether they are representative of the island as whole, I wouldn’t go that far,” she said. “There are pockets of strength and pockets of weakness.”

Still, as we head into August, Land said it was best to take the situation “day by day. We’re all emotionally prepared that could shut down tomorrow.