Thriller filmed on Block Island available online tomorrow

Mon, 03/02/2020 - 1:30pm

There are a lot of familiar faces in the movie ‘Dead Sound.” That’s because the nautical thriller was filmed on the island a couple of years ago, although at that time the production was called simply “Block Island.”

The film is being screened on a number of video-on-demand streaming services beginning Tuesday, March 3. Last week, The Block Island Times spoke with co-producer/co-writer Jon Adler and director Tony Glazer about their experiences on the film. The plot is simple: a group of college friends miss the ferry from New London and have to chart a fishing boat to the get to the island.

The trip, however, turns out to be a little nastier than just enduring a bumpy ride.

These are brief excerpts from the interview. The full version can be found in this week’s edition of The Block Island Times.

Co-producer and co-writer Jon Adler was asked what inspired him to write the script and how the movie changed from ‘Block Island’ to ‘Dead Sound:’

“The original title for the film, ‘Block Island,’ was great, but my sales agent requested that we come up with a title that sounds more ominous and better suited for the style of film that this is. That's the reason we changed the title to ‘Dead Sound.’ I came up with ‘Dead Sound’ because it takes place on the Long Island Sound, and it is sort of a tribute to some of the movies that inspired me while writing the script — ‘Deliverance,’ ‘Dead Calm,’ ‘Jaws,’ and the original ‘Funny Games.’

As a writer, you love the original title you had when you wrote the script from a creative perspective, but as a producer you have to make business decisions based on the best way to sell and market the movie. In this case, as was the case with making this entire movie, when one thing is taken away something better always comes along. That's what happens when everyone comes together, does the right thing, and works toward a common goal. We all had a blast making this movie!

From director Tony Glazer, on what people can expect from the film:

“On the surface, ‘Dead Sound’ is a classic genre tale akin to the movies I grew up watching in South Florida as a boy. Beneath that surface, however, there’s something else, something angry and volatile — call it a warning. Because just beneath these waters there’s a roiling class struggle and our heroes, to their peril, are and remain completely unaware of it. In this way, the film is also a clarion call to the now, to quote Stone, one of the characters in the film. It’s a message to our protagonists to wake up to the world around them.

“The antagonists in our story, while they have no moral justification for their actions, have a point of view behind them and it’s the seeing of this that allows us view them beyond the generic villain archetypes and tropes. They’re people who do bad things — but they’re people all the same. Early in the film the characters miss the final ferry; which leads to them to hiring Stone and Bobby to take them to Block Island. So there’s already a cautionary tale implied about not missing the boat. But as the film goes on we learn that it’s more than just a warning for our characters not miss the ferry at the opening of the film, it’s also a warning for them, and perhaps us, not to miss something bigger – and dangerous -- lurking just beneath the surface.”

‘Dead Sound’ can be viewed on the following streaming services starting Tuesday, March 3:

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