Time to get it right

Fri, 12/17/2021 - 9:14am

The following was copied to The Block Island Times
Dear Council members,
After requesting disclosure of all funds associated with the Deepwater Wind project back at the beginning of October, the information was finally provided in the Town Manager’s report of November 17 on page 30 and then again on page 32. If read correctly, it appears that close to $1.2
million is in the infrastructure fund.
I also just read the “Breaking News” that National Grid is suspending cable burying construction again! The island can look forward to yet another spring/summer of construction activities that preclude full access to Town Beach and severely restricts access to parking not only at the time of activity but also through the winter months.

It’s about time that National Grid starts to pay premium dollars for such intrusions. It’s been too easy and too cheap for them to not “get the cable burying correct.” It’s now over five years since the initial activity at Town Beach. The town council has the fiduciary responsibility to protect the community’s interests and well-being. A six-figure amount could easily be justified thanks to the recent appraisal work done by a reputable Newport appraiser on the Overlook property that describes several values scenarios associated with the Town Beach property.
It is important that the council should have this information about Deepwater-associated revenue before making any capital improvement decisions. On that note...if we want to discourage some behaviors such as bringing more cars to the island and reducing moped activity, we must invest in infrastructure that encourages safe pedestrian activity. The most “walked” path outside of downtown has to be the Spring Street walk
to the S.E. Lighthouse. This should be at the top of the capital improvement list, in my opinion.
Thank you for your consideration.
Rosemarie Ives
Mohegan Trail
P.S. Quite the irony that someone should forward this to me this afternoon--less than 12 hours since I emailed all of you with the very suggestion of getting at least six figures from National Grid...here’s the what and the how to...will you lead on this and carry out your fiduciary responsibility as an elected official? www.theguardian.com/business/2021/nov/30/national-grid-and-scottish-powe...?