Tornado watch causes a stir

Thu, 11/01/2018 - 6:45pm

There were a few tense moments on Monday, Oct. 29, when phones all over the island lit up early in the morning with the news that the island was under a tornado watch.

Moments later, those same phones were pinging with messages from concerned friends and family asking if everyone was okay. Block Island Power Company President Jeffery Wright took to email to say that the squall caused an outage for almost 140 customers on the west side of the island.

On Facebook, those that watched the squall pass right over them described the experience as “scary” — at least for a couple of minutes. Others remembered the tornado that touched down about 10 years ago that damaged property but did not cause any injuries.

And then the storm moved on. After several dark moments, the sky alternately turned blue and dark, with the light changing minute by minute. A waterspout warning was issued for Block Island Sound until 9 a.m. that morning. Later, television meteorologists tracked the storm as it made its way across Massachusetts and more tornado watches were issued along the way.

It had already been a few days of some interesting weather. High winds caused a purple flag day on Saturday, Oct. 27, which didn’t dampen the holiday spirit at either the Island Free Library, where there was a Halloween parade, or at Yellow Kittens, where the annual frightfest was held with its usual creativity and ghoulish fun. (See Halloween photos in next week’s edition.)