Tourism Council to craft long-term plans

Thu, 01/17/2019 - 5:15pm

Tourism Council Executive Director Jessica Willi has asked the Tourism Board to do a little visioning for the future.

“I think the Tourism Council needs a five- or 10-year plan,” Willi said at its Jan. 15 meeting. “What we see happening with the board, what you see happening,” she said to the seven-member group.

Willi said that the Board did once have a long-term plan in place, which was later replaced by a newer document, in 2015, called “Mission & Vision.”

That document never got out of the draft stage. “I don’t think it represents the brand now,” she said.

Willi said she would like to create an updated plan that meets the island’s marketing needs in a rapidly changing communications landscape.

The “Mission & Vision” document included a series of strategies that included:

Make Block Island hospitable; be stewards. “Listen to our guests and citizens” and “Tell the Block Island story.”

Market Block Island “tastefully. In a way to attract visitors to Block Island who appreciate the island’s strengths and character.”

Support and maintain a sense of place. “Work to further improve the experience of visitors” and “Ensure the island infrastructure delivers a quality product.”

Prioritize investments and activities. “The Tourism Council should invest in activities strategically designed to support guest/customer programs and needs.

Measure and be accountable. Board members should “listen and communicate.”

Willi suggested that a subcommittee comprising three people should be created.

“This should be about what’s happening for the next five years,” said Willi.