Town Council Agenda

Fri, 11/03/2017 - 10:00am

Not a legal posting: agenda may be amended after press time
Provided by the New Shoreham Town Clerk’s Office
New Shoreham Town Council Meeting
Town Hall, Old Town Road
Monday, November 6, 2017
4:00 p.m.

Board of License Commissioners

Public Hearing for Transfer of Class BVL License:

•           Receive and act on application for transfer of Class BVL Beverage License from Rhode Island Seafood Enterprises, Inc., Stockholder: Matthew King, d/b/a Topside Café, Ocean Avenue to Peckham, Inc.,  Stockholder: Lewis H. Gaffett, Topside Café, Ocean Avenue, Plat 6, Lot 3-2-2

Public Hearing for Transfer of Class BV License:

•           Receive and act on application for transfer of Stockholders only: Class BV Beverage for Eli’s Restaurant, Inc. d/b/a Eli’s Restaurant, Chapel Street, Plat 6, Lot 111 from Stockholder: Edward Moon to Stockholder: Rosemary Tobin

Public Hearing for Annual Beverage License Renewals:

Receive and act on Class A Beverage License applications:

•           Maclac Enterprises, Inc. Stockholders: Mark Helterline, Mary Jane Balser, d/b/a Block Island Grocery, Ocean Avenue

•           Redbird Liquor Store, Inc. Stockholder: Caroline Todd, d/b/a Redbird Liquor Store, Dodge Street

Received and act on Class BM Beverage License applications:

•           Sachem Holdings, Inc. Stockholder: Marc Scortino, d/b/a Mohegan Café, Water Street

Receive and act on Class BVL Beverage License applications:

•           B.A.D.C.G, Inc. Stockholder: Bethany Campbell Coviello, d/b/a Bethany’s Airport Diner, Center Road

•           Block Island Pizza Pie Company, LLC. Member: Kevin V. Finnegan, d/b/a Block Island Pizza Pie

                        Company, Corn Neck Road

•           Peckham, Inc., Stockholder: Lewis H. Gaffett, d/b/a Topside Café, Ocean Avenue

Receive and act on Class BV Beverage License applications:

•           Rita Draper, d/b/a 1661 Inn, Spring Street

•           Aldo’s Place, Inc. Stockholders: Stephen E. Papa, Anna R. Papa, Christina L. Papa & Stephen N. Papa d/b/a Aldo’s Restaurant and Pizza, Weldon’s Way

•           A.B.M., Inc. Stockholder: Bradford Marthens, d/b/a The Atlantic Inn, High Street

•           Shoreham, Inc. Stockholder: Marion Filippi, d/b/a Ballard’s Inn, Water Street

•           Beachead II, LLC, Members: Rebecca Pappas Clark & Timothy Clark d/b/a The Beachhead, Corn Neck Road

•           On-Island Entertainment Management, Inc. Stockholder: Marc Scortino, d/b/a Captain Nick’s, Ocean Avenue

•           Champlin’s Trader Vic’s, Inc. Stockholder: Joseph Grillo and Susan Grillo, d/b/a Champlin’s Trader Vic’s, Champlin’s Marina, West Side Road

•           Club Soda, Inc. Stockholders: Maxon Balmforth, Jr. & Glenn McKiernan, d/b/a Club Soda, Connecticut Avenue

•           Island Caterers, Inc. Stockholders: John P. & Adam Wronowski, Est. of Burke & Patricia Hewitt, Raymond & Susan Linda, Thomas Tyrseck, d/b/a Dead Eye Dick’s Restaurant, Ocean Avenue

•           Eli’s Restaurant, Inc. Stockholders: Bradford G. Marthens & Rosemary Tobin, d/b/a Eli’s Restaurant, Chapel Street

•           Ernie’s Old Harbor Restaurant, Inc. Stockholders: Frederick & Deborah Howarth, & F. Jason Howarth, d/b/a Finn’s Seafood Restaurant, Water Street

•           Royal Hospitality Group, Inc. Stockholder: Marc Scortino d/b/a Harbor Grill, Water Street

•           Island Pond, Inc. Stockholder: Clif Payne & Edward Sands Payne, Ocean Avenue

•           Cecil’s Black Rock Grille, LLC; Members: Kimberly & Norman Ward d/b/a Kimberly’s, Ocean Avenue

•           Manisses Restaurant, Inc., Stockholders: Steven Filippi, Blake Filippi & Paul Filippi d/b/a Manisses, Spring Street

•           Merkaloons, LLC, Member: Kathleen McAloon d/b/a McAloon’s, Corn Neck Road

•           KSR Enterprises, LLC; Members: Rita & Steve Draper, d/b/a Narragansett Inn, Ocean Avenue

•           Coastal Resorts International, Inc. Stockholders: Chris & Jackie Sereno, d/b/a The National Hotel, Water Street

•           Humphries, Inc. Stockholders: Steve & Rita Draper, d/b/a The Oar, West Side Road

•           Old Island Pub, LLC, Member: Lewis N. Gaffett, d/b/a Old Island Pub, Corn Neck  Road

•           Poor People’s Pub Block Island, Inc. Stockholders: James Keating, Brenna Audino & Ross Audino, d/b/a Poor People’s Pub, Ocean Avenue

•           Island Entertainment, Inc., Stockholder: Frank DiBiase, Jr., d/b/a Spring House Hotel, Spring Street

•           Bea’s Dream, Inc., Stockholder: Lorraine Y. Cyr, d/b/a Surf Hotel, Dodge Street

•           Kamm Group, LLC, Membership: Block Island Sales Corp., Stockholders: Kristen A. Kiley, Melissa A.

                        Kiley, Allison K. Nasin & R. Michael Kiley d/b/a Yellow Kittens, Corn Neck Road

Public Hearing for New Class BV Liquor License:

•           Receive and act on new Class BV liquor license application from Audino, Inc., Stockholders: Brenna Audino and Ross Audino, d/b/a Tigerfish, Corn Neck Road, Plat 5, Lot 10

Public Hearing for New Class BH Liquor License:

•           Receive and act on new Class BH liquor license application from Block Island Accommodations, LLC, Member: Cariona Corccoran, d/b/a Bellevue, High Street, Plat 7, Lot 73-2

Public Hearing for Expansion of Liquor Service Area for a Class BV Liquor License:

•           Receive and act on an application for the expansion of liquor service area from Bea’s Dream, Inc. Stockholder: Lorraine Cyr, d/b/a Surf Hotel, Dodge Street, Plat 6, Lot 143

Act to Set Caps on Beverage Licenses

Public Hearing for Renewal of Outdoor Entertainment Licenses:

Receive and act on Outdoor Entertainment license applications:

  • Rita Draper, d/b/a 1661 Inn
  • Aldo’s Place, Inc., d/b/a Aldo’s Restaurant and Pizzeria
  • ABM, Inc., d/b/a The Atlantic Inn
  • Shoreham, Inc., d/b/a Ballard’s Inn
  • Beachead II, LLC, d/b/a The Beachhead
  • On-Island Entertainment Management, Inc., d/b/a Captain Nick’s
  • Champlin’s Trader Vic’s, Inc., d/b/a Champlin’s Trader Vic’s
  • Ernie’s Old Harbor Restaurant, Inc., d/b/a Finn’s Seafood Restaurant
  • Island Entertainment, Inc. d/b/a Inn at the Spring House
  • Cecil’s Blackrock Grille, LLC d/b/a Kimberly’s
  • Manisses Restaurant, Inc. d/b/a Manisses Restaurant
  • Merkaloon’s, LLC d/b/a McAloon’s
  • KSR Enterprises, LLC, d/b/a The Narragansett Inn
  • Coastal Resorts International, Inc., d/b/a National Hotel
  • Humphries, Inc., d/b/a The Oar
  • Old Island Pub, LLC, d/b/a Old Island Pub, Corn Neck Road
  • Island Pond, Inc., d/b/a Payne’s Dock, Ocean Avenue
  • Poor People’s Pub Block Island, Inc., d/b/a Poor People’s Pub
  • Island Entertainment, Inc., d/b/a The Spring House Hotel
  • Rosalie O’Brien Kivlehan, d/b/a The Sullivan House
  • Bea’s Dream, Inc., d/b/a Surf Hotel, Dodge Street
  • Kamm Group, LLC d/b/a Yellow Kittens

Public Hearing for New Outdoor Entertainment License

Receive and act on New Outdoor Entertainment license application:

  • Island Caterers, Inc., d/b/a Dead Eye Dick’s, Ocean Avenue, Plat 5, Lot 66

Individuals requesting interpreter services for the deaf and hard of hearing must call (401) 466-3200 forty-eight hours in advance of the meeting date.  TTY: 711.  Posted: 11/2/17 kcl