Town Council approves Matthew Moynihan as new chief of police

Fri, 04/16/2021 - 9:15am

At the Town Council’s meeting on Monday, April 12, Town Manager Maryanne Crawford announced the appointment of Matthew Moynihan as the new chief of police, as well as the director of public works for the Town of New Shoreham. Moynihan, who has been serving as interim chief of police since March 1, will be sworn in as the permanent chief on Saturday, May 1, and will begin his service to the town on May 2.

“I am pleased to report current interim chief Matthew C. Moynihan was the top candidate,” for the position, said Crawford.

“Since Captain Moynihan began his tenure as interim chief a little over a month ago, I have heard unsolicited, positive feedback from staff and residents. Feedback includes: he is an excellent leader, he listens, builds consensus, brings a high level of professionalism to the police force, and is someone you want to work for, to name a few. I have found him to be very responsive. He hit the ground running and has already managed to cultivate relationships with local business owners, town and school staff, and the children at the Block Island School. I am sure he will be an excellent fit for Block Island and I am looking forward to working with him in the coming years,” said Crawford.
In a press release dated April 12 from the New Shoreham Police Department detailing Moynihan’s background: “Captain Matthew C. Moynihan has served with the Rhode Island State Police for twenty-four years in a variety of roles including serving in the Detective Bureau as Assistant Detective Commander, as Officer-in-Charge of the Major Crimes Unit, on the High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force, in the Intelligence Unit, on the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force and on the FBI’s Organized Crime Task Force.”
Moynihan said: “First warden, I want to thank you and the council, as well as the Town Manager Crawford and her team for the warm welcome and support they have shown me since I began working here last month. Originally last month, I had no intentions of applying for the position, but during the first few weeks here I fell in love with it. I knew that I wanted to join the community.”
First Warden André Boudreau said:“[An] exciting time for the town. We welcome you and your family to the community. Wish you many productive years of service on our behalf.”
“Matt brings a ton of linkage within Rhode Island: having been on joint task forces with the FBI in Rhode Island, having been in the Intelligence Unit, and having worked in different groups all over Rhode Island. Matt is very connected to be able to get resources or insights. I’m excited about this, [and it’s] nice to have somebody who is going to take a leadership role in the town and with the police,” said Second Warden Sven Risom.
Councilor Martha Ball said: “I’m really pleased that this all came together. I really wish to commend Maryanne for bringing
this home for us. I’m looking forward to a good working relationship among all the parties involved.”
Councilor Mark Emmanuelle added: “I’ll say that I’m excited with the new position, and the person who is going to be filling that. Remind everyone, it is a transition
and there is going to be some hiccups and speedbumps but I think we have the right person to lead us, and I believe you will be open-minded and accessible to everyone,
to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible.”
“My interactions with Matt have blown me away. You have these moments and look at the way [how] articulate Matt is and his experience. This is a real home run, consistent with what we were talking about in the Charter. I’m very excited to have Matt join us,” said Councilor Keith Stover.
Crawford also spoke about Moynihan’s appointment to the director of public works position, citing his experience overseeing multiple personnel and large projects.
“Over the course of our meetings, our conversation led to the recent charter amendment seeking a director of public works separate from the town manager. I conveyed that we had also advertised for a DPW director. With few applications received, and after much thought and consideration, Matt has agreed to also serve as the island’s public works director.”

“I appreciate being considered for the dual roles, as chief of police and as well as director of public works, and I’m thrilled to be able to accept the positions,” said Moynihan. “This is Rhode Island’s most beautiful place, and I look forward to ensuring that it is both well maintained and properly protected for many generations to come. I am so grateful for the opportunities that my 24-years career with the Rhode Island State Police has offered me and I look forward to being able to bring my experience and same energy to New Shoreham.”
The description for the Director of Public Works in New Shoreham’s Home Rule Charter is: “There shall be a Department of Public Works, the head of which shall be the
Director of Public Works, who shall be employed by the Town Manager with the advice and consent of the Town Council, from among persons who have had training and/or experience in administration, engineering, construction or other professional fields which pertain to the responsibilities of the department, and preferably from among individuals who hold a bachelors degree from an accredited college or university. The Director of Public Works shall be responsible for the efficient operation of the department and for the provision of services to the Town in relation to highways, water supply, community infrastructure, resiliency related to sea level rise, solid waste disposal and the town landfill, harbors and town owned docks, maintenance of public buildings and properties including those under the control of the School Department at that department’s discretion, parks and recreational facilities,
town cemeteries, public parking facilities, street lighting, and such other public works activities as may be assigned to the department by the Town Council, including enforcement of the zoning ordinance and decisions of the Zoning Board of Review and the Historic District Commission.”
Boudreau’s motion to approve Crawford’s recommendation to the council for Moynihan’s dual appointments as chief of police and DPW director was approved unanimously.