Twin Maples Fishing Report: Black Sea Bass season opens

Mon, 06/24/2013 - 3:54pm

After a week of bad weather, the forecast is looking great, with winds coming out of the southwest between 5 and 15 mph. The water temperature this week was at an average of 57° F, five degrees colder than the 62° F average this time last year.

Throughout the week, several surfcasters fishing from the north point at night reported seeing a pod of four or five seals near the shore. The lower water temperature has delayed these predators’ migration from the island.

Last week, a group of shore fishermen made their way to West Beach (the dump beach), and found a large number of striped bass and gulls feeding in the water. The water was teeming with sand eels, and the men reported that “the bass were eating so many sand eels, they were coughing them up.” Though the bass were difficult to catch due to the large number of baitfish already in the area, the arrival of these eels is a good sign for fishermen, as the number and size of the bass in the area will increase.

From the boat, Matt King of Hula Charters reported 35-pound and 38-pound striped bass being caught off his boat this week in deep water off the southwest corner of the island. He also said that a number of bass were biting on the south side of the island, again in deep water.

The season for black sea bass opened this Saturday. As was stated in our last report, it is important to note that the restriction for the number of sea bass caught per person per day decreased from 15 to 3 fish this season. They are currently being caught off-boat between Dorry’s and Grace’s Cove between 40 and 50 feet of water.

For fluke, people have continued to have success just outside of the harbor on boat, while others have had success surfcasting at coast guard beach. Anglers have been using squid as bait as opposed to live minnows, as this baitfish has yet to become prevalent in the area this season. Keith Lavin still holds the third place spot in the fluke division of the PBR fishing tournament with his 5.5 pound fluke pictured here.

Good luck to all of the fishermen trying their luck on the island and enjoy the nice weather!