Voices from the Village

Thu, 05/31/2018 - 11:45pm

The annual community poetry reading known as Voices from the Village featured a wide range of voices reading the works of many different poets: 

The photos are by Malcolm Greenaway.

Here is the poem by Edie Blane’s sister, Eileen Lee, titled “Block Island Spring,” from Jan. 31, 1962. 

Spring doesn’t come to our bleak island home

With whispering air and fragrant smell of earth.

         Ours is a different world --

         Grey, cold and harsh,

And April days are angry with us still.

The equinox comes in with windy roar;

Pale dune grass dips and rises in its path.

          Seas crash

          White crested and dark shining green.

The sun is bright but gives no pleasant warmth.

And yet we have a portent, old as time,

Though cold winds rule us yet, with icy breath;

           A day of quiet comes --

           The Sound grows still, a pale and milky blue

           The smallest waves lap gently on the shore.

In the great echoing stillness on the sea

The sweet slow tolling of the buoy rolls in.

At last, this is the long awaited time,

           First sign of island spring.