Volunteer coaches needed

Thu, 06/20/2019 - 4:00pm

Keeping Block Island up and running during the summer season requires paying attention to an uncountable number of details, from parking issues to attending to trash that island guests fail to haul away from the beach.

Town Recreation Director Dave Sniffen updated the Recreation Board on some of those details at a meeting on Tuesday, June 18.

Perhaps the most pressing issue was the call for adult coaches for the various sports camps that are scheduled during the summer. The camps are usually coached by volunteer youths, but there was some discussion about how that was working out.

Sniffen said he could put the word out saying the department was looking for coaches for a variety of sports, and asked the board, “Should we just get rid of the student coaches?”

“They’re good volunteers but they aren’t coaches,” said board member Colleen Ernst.

Sniffen said that anyone interested in volunteering as a coach could call him at (401) 466-3223.

The Pavilion at Fred Benson Town Beach is now open fulltime, said Sniffen, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., with the bathrooms open all the time. Sniffen said that the lifeguards were once again staying in the rooms added last year during the renovation project.

“This is going to sound funny, but it’s not,” said member Gail Heinz. “Are they trained to look for sharks?”

“They’re trained to look for anything,” said Sniffen, including stingrays, and jellyfish.

The Recreation Department will continue to disburse brown paper bags to beachgoers so they can take away the trash they generate during their stay on the beach, Sniffen said.