Water district expansion request denied

Fri, 12/01/2017 - 9:30am

The saying “close, but yet so far” might describe the dilemma facing Alison and Chris Miller. The Millers’ request to the Water Department to have the town’s water district expanded by 1,000 feet to accommodate their 100 year-old cottage on Corn Neck Road was unanimously denied during a meeting of the Sewer and Water Commission on Nov. 20. Absent from the meeting were Chair Brad Marthens and Vice-Chair Tom Doyle.

“What we’re looking for is some relief,” said Alison Miller, who noted that she has been seeking expansion of the waterline since 2007. In an Oct. 5 letter to the Town Council, the Millers wrote that they “have ongoing and worsening difficulties with well water quality.” During the meeting, the Millers presented a bottle of dirty, reddish colored water to the Commission members, setting it atop the dais.

The Millers said they have experienced challenges in trying to come up with a water treatment solution with their well contractor, Rick Batchelder. “It’s a fragile system, especially in the coastal environment,” said Alison. “Repairs are constant.” The water can only be used for washing, but not cooking or drinking. The Millers use the house seasonally.

Town Engineer Jim Geremia sent a letter to the Commission stating that the request was denied because the Coastal Resources Management Council would not allow a 1,000-foot extension of the waterline that close to the beach. A six-inch wide town water main runs down Corn Neck Road, but stops 1,000 feet short of the Millers’ property.

Terri Chmiel, serving as Chair in the absence of Marthens and Doyle, noted the beach protection issue: “The CRMC is not going to approve this.”

“The 1,000 foot extension of the waterline to your property is not an option,” said Water Company Superintendent John Breunig. “There are other options for you. I’d be very glad to help you. There is better technology that you could use. We can find a solution.”