Weather delays Deepwater experimental ‘spar’ buoy

Sat, 11/13/2010 - 5:00am

11/13/10 — An experimental $3-million Sea ZephIR buoy that will record wind speed, direction and sheer, was set to be deployed in the ocean about three-quarters of a mile miles north of the entrance to the Great Salt Pond this week. However, according to Deepwater’s Bryan Wilson, this week’s continuous strong winds and disturbed seas conspired to postpone deployment.

The buoy, which will rise 45 feet above the waves, will be held in place with a 110-ton cement slab — 22 feet by 22 feet and three feet thick.

Deepwater will compare the spar buoy’s data to the data it has already gathered with the land-based meteorological tower near the Coast Guard Station. The buoy will spend a few weeks here before being redeployed off New Jersey.

Deepwater plans to acquire a second buoy to deploy off the Southeast Lighthouse in the area where it proposes to build an eight-turbine offshore wind farm, the first in the nation.