Whose Spokesman?

Thu, 07/15/2021 - 5:15pm

To the Editor,

“John Willis” has spoken. In his benediction, published as a letter to the editor in The Block Island Times, John Willis admonished the Town Board and the citizens of New Shoreham for attempting to thwart the moped operators and marina owners from exploiting the island’s resources and further subsidizing their operations at the
cost of the public.

In his letter Willis charges that the lawsuits brought by the town are “frivolous” and unnecessary expenses, in futile attempts to get moped operators to adopt safety precautions. He, as a medical professional, knows that our medical center has become an emergency triage facility for the 50 or so reported moped accidents each year. For a medical professional to indict the town for attempting to make the mopeds operate more safely is the height of hypocrisy. On the other hand though, he’s probably right about our 18 years of attempting to prevent a marina operator from stealing mooring space in the Salt Pond, which is owned by the Town of New Shoreham. The recent corrupt decision by the outgoing members of the CRMC has made a mockery of these efforts and indicates that the “the fix is in.” These efforts were not fully funded by the town.
It was an eye opener to me, to hear from Willis that our police chief of 20 years had resigned because he didn’t want to enforce “illegal requirements posed by the town” on the moped operators, who set a fine example by smoking and operating a cell phone while tooling through town traffic, flaunting safe operation of their vehicles for hire. I guess that the “Willis” knows where the real power lies... I wonder how many others on the island were put off by “his Pontifications” and his “I told you so” contempt for the Rule of Law that is what separates our democratic society from the Banana Republics south of our borders. I for one applaud the efforts made to restrict the “pirates” from running roughshod over our efforts and hope that reason will prevail.

Willis knows a lot about lawsuits and how to manipulate the legal system. Ask him about the lawsuit he brought over the demise of the aged one-legged duck over
whose death he brought suit for $1,200.
John Hopf
Lakeside Drive