Winfield’s proposed ramp will be ADA compliant

Thu, 03/07/2019 - 5:45pm

Yellow Kittens and Winfield’s restaurant will be getting a newly redesigned front, street-side landscape, including a patio, staircase, and winding, ADA compliant ramp with handrails.

The Historic District Commission spent 10 minutes reviewing the proposal, and then voted unanimously (4-0) to approve Kristen Kiley’s application for the project at its Feb. 28 meeting. Mark Vaillancourt made the motion that was seconded by Dennis Riordan. Arlene Tunney and Mike Ballard were absent from the meeting.

The $100,000 project involves installing a patio at the front of the property, and a staircase, and ADA compliant ramp that will ascend to a landing, from the sidewalk along Corn Neck Road. The railing will be made of aluminum with wood caps, and the patio area and ramp will consist of permeable stone pavers; a relatively smooth surface.

Mike Kiley, who presented the project with his sister, said permeable pavers would provide for a smooth transition for wheelchairs entering the property.

“It looks great,” said Vaillancourt regarding the design for the project.

“I think so too,” said Chair Bill Penn. “I think this is a great addition to the building, and the business.” He said it makes “the community more open to ADA, and handicapped individuals.”

Penn added: “If Arlene (Tunney) were here she would be pleased, and want to encourage us to make all of the buildings within the historic district to be ADA compliant.”

“With patio decking you’re proposing are you going to put some kind of covering, or canopy over it?” asked Penn.

“No, not at this time,” said Kristen Kiley.

“Are you going to be serving dinner out there” on the patio, asked Riordan.

“Maybe at some point,” said Kiley. “Our main goal right now is to get the stairs, and then the ramp installed.”