Zarella named co-chair of Trump’s re-election effort in R.I.

Thu, 10/24/2019 - 5:30pm

Jerry Zarella and Doreen Costa are driving in the car and they are all fired up.

Both have been recently named Co-chairs of President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign in Rhode Island and they are talking about turning this blue state red.

“We have the recipe for success,” said Zarella, who is a homeowner and former Town Council candidate on Block Island.

“It’s exciting,” said Costa, who is a former state representative who set her own term limit after serving three terms representing Exeter and North Kingstown.

“Both of us are huge Trump supporters,” said Zarella. The roles on the campaign team are volunteers positions

When asked what their Rhode Island strategy would be, Zarella said, “One of the things is we made a pact. She wouldn’t do this without me, and I would not without her,” he said of Costa. “You need an extreme amount of energy and you’re going to get us 100 percent.” Costa said they would do some heavy lifting in districts that Trump lost in 2016, such as Warwick, Lincoln and Providence.

“You don’t have to be a Republican to support Trump,” said Zarella, who said another strategic point was to not get involved in local politics. They both said they did not want to alienate supporters of Gov. Gina Raimondo, as an example, “to see if we can move this state over to Trump. We’re after Democrats, independents, and moderates,” said Zarella.

Costa said they were going to focus on the accomplishments of the past two years, including the fact that 13,300 jobs had been created in Rhode Island, lowering the unemployment rate from 4.8 percent to 3.6 percent. She also checked off a number of other items: a tax cut that added $1,400 into people’s pockets; building the border wall, and the economy.

“When I look at the stock market and it is up, that means pensions are up,” said Zarella. “Every retiree should vote for Donald Trump just for that alone.”

Costa pointed out that Trump donates his annual salary and rebutted the recent controversy over the announcement that the next G-7 summit would be held at a Trump-owned hotel in Florida. “Some went after him, but the media left out he was doing it for free. He would have saved taxpayers millions and millions of dollars,” said Costa.

“How bad are the Dems? My God, they are all nuts. They want to allow abortions up to when a child is born,” said Costa. “I didn’t finish college because I couldn’t afford it. Why should tax dollars go to people who can’t afford it? I did okay. When I watch the debates and popped my popcorn, I just want to see who is more crazy than the other.”

“I look at them as a football team without a coach. How many games are they going to win? No one is taking a lead. There are no John Kennedys and no Bill Clinton and I was a huge Clinton fan,” said Zarella. (Zarella brought then-President Clinton to Block Island in 1996.) “The moderate Democrat [candidate] does not exist any more. They are playing to their base to see who can be more left, who can be more radical.”

Despite the fact that Trump is 72, they both said he has been exhibiting focus and stamina.

“Every day there is a different problem. Most people couldn’t juggle the balls he does. He is one tough, strong, understanding, smart guy,” said Zarella.

“Russia, Russia, Russia. Stormy Daniels. Nothing has come of that. They will do anything to destroy this country and this president. The left is intolerant,” said Costa. “They are going after our police officers. It’s Trump derangement syndrome.”

“I won’t lie to you,” said Costa. “I will continue to tell the truth about Donald J. Trump. I can be Trump’s little attack dog.”

Referencing the president’s counselor and one of his most ubiquitous and unwavering supporters, Kellyanne Conway, Zarella said, “Doreen is Kellyanne.”