ZBR approves Deepwater Transmission Station

Tue, 04/03/2012 - 4:30pm

At a special meeting Tuesday morning, the Zoning Board of Review approved a variance for Deepwater Wind to construct a substation on property owned by the Block Island Power company (site A) and/or the estate of Marjorie McGinnes (site B).

While the approval covers both sites applied for by Deepwater, the actual construction will only be allowed on one, with site A, located behind the state garage on BIPCo land, preferred. Site B is at the back of the property and has a horseshoe of wetlands around it.

In approving transmission line poles on the site, the ZBR stipulated they would be allowed only if a study of the site underway at this time finds that underground lines are not feasible on the property.

State regulatory approvals are still pending.