Obituary: Alice Henshaw Jones

Fri, 11/23/2012 - 3:51pm

Born on May 15, 1916 in Washington Heights, New York City, Alice Henshaw Jones passed away on November 14 at her home of almost 70 years in Norwood, N.J.

Alice devoted her long life to her husband, former state senator Walter H. Jones, and to her family. Charming and gracious, with a quick and beautiful smile, she was a fiercely loyal wife, a partner who actively remained in love with her husband, who died in 1982.

She was a solicitous caregiver to her father, George F. Henshaw, who also resided in Norwood, and to her siblings, George F. Henshaw, Jr., who survives her and Gloria Baker.

She was the emotional center in a busy home for her four children, Walter Henry Jones III, Graham Oscar Jones, Susan Henshaw Jones, and Deborah Rachel Jones Boillot. A steadfast presence in her community and at the Church of the Holy Communion, her home was a daily source of beauty and joy, where bird-feeding was a passion, passed on to her by her father George, as were her lawn and gardens.

Beginning in the 1950s, her warm home-making was extended in the summers to Block Island, with its many beaches a place for picnics and clambakes, and, later, to St. Barthelemy.

During her summers on Block Island, she and her husband rented Omar Littlefield’s house for many years before Alice, as a widow, purchased a home on the south side.

Alice brought into her world of love and support all eight of her grandchildren, creating special relationships with each of them — Graham Oscar Jones, Jr., Gregory Peter Jones, Charles David Boillot, Alice Henshaw Eaton, Victoria Alice Jones, Liza Kellogg Eaton, Rachel Phyfe Boillot and Alexandra Thom Boillot.

Contributions to The Nature Conservancy will be greatly appreciated.